Babysitting Service Dubai & Sharjah

Request for babysitting service by Hotel guests will be channeled to Housekeeping Department directly.

24 hours minimum advance notice required from the guests.

Housekeeping will coordinate with the guest with regards to the details of date and required timings and age of the children.

Housekeeping will inquire on location and contact number of the Hotel guests during babysitting hours in case of any emergency.

Babysitting service is available for a minimum of 2 hours and maximum 8 hours. No child accepted under the age of 1 year.

Housekeeping will contact persons for availability.

Housekeeping will confirm to the guest the name of the babysitter, date, time and advises on the related charges. Charges for babysitting will be AED 30.00 per hour per 1 child maximum 2 children. If the babysitter will be released after 11:00 pm an additional fee of AED 40.00 is applicable for taxi fare.

Guest will pay directly to the babysitter after the babysitting service.

After 12 midnight babysitting service is not available.

Under no circumstance shall Hotel be liable to compensate the hotel guest for any accident, negligence, wilfully or otherwise caused by the babysitter.

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